Inland Valley Hope Partners


Last week I met with the Inland Valley Hope Partners to discuss a possible partnership between both organizations. Since my work consists of three main parts: volunteers to pick the fruit, properties to provide the fruit, and receiving agencies to take the fruit and redistribute it to those in need, I thought that I would spend my week reaching out to more receiving agencies. The reason I contacted Inland Valley Hope was because five different faith-based groups referred me to them as the leading community receiving agency. I could tell by the way the community members spoke of Inland Valley, they were not only well-respected but also wide spread in Pomona and surrounding communities. I called up the organization and set up a meeting with Ron and Kami. After giving them an introduction to Food Forward and our mission in the East San Gabriel Valley, they informed me that they themselves were running a gleaning program that was rather small but effective and that they were looking to revamp it this summer. I realized I struck gold! Food Forward could provide the infrastructure and Inland Valley could provide the community volunteers, local properties, and community trust that comes with a good reputation. Additionally, when my tenure this summer with Food Forward comes to a close, they could be the reference point that Food Forward needs to build a sustainable chapter in Pomona. I understood the importance of this partnership when Ron shook my hand and said, “this is the sort of partnership that will a difference in Pomona.”


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