Independence Day


First off Happy Fourth of July and congratulations to our Women for winning the Women’s World Cup in Canada! It is an exciting time in America. Often times we focus on the bad in our country, divided on the basis of political ideology, racial divides, low-income families struggling to keep up with the rest of the country. But we really are a great country, where an idea can turn into a business, a man can end slavery, and a nation can send a man to the moon. At Food Forward, our goal is to fight urban hunger and if you look at the numbers, Los Angeles looks like it’s a lost cause. It’s the only city with a Skid Row left, it is home to 254,000 homeless people throughout the year (84,000 any given night), and one in six adults and one in four children in LA County are food insecure. But Food Forward never focused on the bad, rather the change that is happening with our work. I was talking to Rachael about what to tell newspapers and those that ask me questions, and she said “Acknowledge the problem but focus on our efforts to fix them.” The whole work experience is positive from the time that the fruit is picked until it lands in the hands of someone who needs it. I am optimistic that the leaders of Los Angeles will find a solution for the homelessness problem.

In Other News:

FullSizeRender (1)

After our Altadena flyering campaign I decided to run my own trial in Pomona. What we do is walk around the neighborhood and when we see a fruit tree we put a flyer detailing Food Forward’s goal on the homeowner’s front porch. I grabbed my brother and my sister and we took to the streets of Pomona. It was a hot 92 degrees and after an hour and fifteen minutes I started to hear the sound of an ice cream truck. I had not seen one since I was a child. I felt like it was the sort of mirage/hallucination that desert dwellers get when they are dehydrated. Then it turned the corner and I was jumping up and down waving him down only to find I didn’t have any money. It was the biggest disappointment of my whole internship so far. I finished my route and met up with the siblings at the car. Hopefully homeowners are receptive to the message and decide to call our organization to donate.


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