News Outlets

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A big part of my job is reaching out to a large audience with fruit trees and let them know that there is an option to donate their fruit to food banks.  The best way to reach a large audience quickly is through newspapers. So, this week I devoted my time to reaching out to newspapers and news outlets. I came across Pomona Proud, a small community oriented newspaper that writes about local current events. After I contacted them about potentially running a story about Food Forward in their column, they invited me into their studio to interview me. I was asked to give the history of Food Forward and what my goals for this summer were in regards to fighting urban hunger in Pomona. Martha, the interviewer, asked me a few specific questions and then thanked me for my time. I was excited by the prospects of having Food Forward published in a newspaper in the East San Gabriel Valley and within two days we were featured on the “breaking news” section of Pomona Proud. This marks another step closer to a successful expansion into Pomona. Two other news group reached out to us, La Nueva Voz (Spanish-English community Newspaper) and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune (covers the whole San Gabriel Valley) looking to run stories on us. The amount of press that we are getting is remarkable and I hope that the excitement of Food Forward continues!


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